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What does VG PG mean?

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What Do PG & VG Stand For? | E-Liquid | bluThe vapor density of PG is lower than that of VG. So, what does this mean for vapers? Simply that if you're looking for that trademark dragon plume of smoke, 

The meaning of PG and VG: what do they stand for? | bluHow are PG and VG used in e-liquid? Propylene Glycol is more commonly used than Vegetable Glycerin in the production of e-liquid and has a thinner PG vs VG Eliquid and how it affects Vaping performance - VeppoPG vs VG eliquid - what is the difference and how it affects Vaporizer performance. The low density of the juice also means that gunk doesn't build up on the 

What does VG PG mean
  Use Port Coil size Brand Style Color Codecs
280mAh - - Cotton 102*20*7mm UWOO - Black/Blue/Red/Yellow/Purple -
T80 - USB Type-C EF-M 0.6ohm Head/EF 0.3ohm Head 36mm *28mm * 130mm - - - -
F9 Portable Media Player, Mobile Phone, Aviation, COMPUTER, Dj, Gaming, Sports, Audiophile, Travel, PROFESSIONAL, HEARING - - - - In-ear - APT-X
300 - - - 105x19x7mm - - - -
510 - - - - - - - -
MT883 - - - - - - - -

What does VG/PG ratio mean? - QuoraThe ratio is just what percentage of each is in the mix. High pg means harsher more throat hit, warmer Vape and less clouds. High vg makes the most vapor, is cool 

PG vs VG vaping guide - differences between E-LiqidsWhat`s the difference between PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable Sub ohm e-liquid is often referred to as 'max VG', which means that it has a high VG PG vs VG: What They Are and How to Use Them - Vaping360Oct 19, 2020 — VG has a slightly sweet taste and is considerably thicker than PG. VG means it can reduce the life of atomizers quicker than PG-based juice

What does VG PG mean?
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    57pcs 800puffs  
2020 8A   550mAh  
  10-20 2000mAh 500puffs  
1ml     500  
  8A 2pcs 500puffs 510
0.5ml   - 500+ 2020
- 9a - 8 280mAH
- 10A - - 2020
- 13x8 - - -

What does "VG" and "PG" mean? - Vapour RoomThe terms PG and VG refer to the main ingredient that is used as a base for the liquid (the solvent). VG based e-liquid. VG liquid mainly has a Vegetable Glycerin What Does PG/VG Mean? - MadTown VaporE-liquid is a mixture of varying amounts of 3 different ingredients. Nicotine, PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin) and flavoring.These are the main 

PG v. VG: What`s the difference? A Vaper`s GuideWhat`s the difference is between PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable It has many useful properties, including being a humectant (which means it helps to PG & VG: The Secret Behind Vape Juice RevealedSo what does this ratio mean? What is PG and VG? First and foremost, PG stands for “propylene glycol” and VG stands for “vegetable glycerin”. PG and VG are 

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