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Is mojo a real word?

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What does MOJO mean? Definitions for MOJO ˈmoʊ dʒoʊMOJO. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word MOJO

Mojo - Urban DictionaryThe word Mojo itself probably derives from African-American language where it refers to a personal talisman or witchcraft charm, and is itself derived from the MOJO | meaning in the Cambridge English DictionaryJan 27, 2021 — Meaning of mojo in English. mojo

Is mojo a real word
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The Word Detective » Blog Archive » MojoJan 16, 2009 — Of course, if any of the candidates has any actual “mojo,” we can only hope that they use it in the service of good, optimally by turning Wolf Blitzer 

Mojo Meaning | Best 12 Definitions of Mojo - YourDictionaryMojo is defined as good luck, charm or skill that seems to come from something magical or supernatural. An example of mojo is the ability of a man to attract Mojo definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionarymojo. (məʊdʒəʊ). Word forms: plural mojos, plural mojoes. countable noun. Your mojo is your personal power or influence over other people. [US, informal]

Is mojo a real word?
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Mojo - WikipediaMojo may refer to: Mojo (African-American culture), a magical charm bag used in voodoo Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with Mojo | Definition of Mojo by Merriam-Webster: a magic spell, hex, or charm broadly : magical power works his mojo on the tennis court The team has lost its mojo

Mojo | Definition of Mojo atMojo definition, an object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell. See more. Did you know the word "sandwich" is named for a person?How 'Mojo' Got Its Magic Working - WSJOct 4, 2018 — “Mojo” originally referred to a kind of magical charm or amulet of The word may also show kinship with “moco,” which means “magic” in 

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